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About Us

Dashti Nafeh Mohamed, Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors

Over the past ten years-through my career that witnessed many unexpected stops and fluctuations-I have never lost sight of a dream that was to leave a prominent imprint in the sector of buying and selling real estate, residential projects, investments and general contracting in Duhok Governorate and the Kurdistan Region in Iraq.

By establishing the Dashti Real Estate Company for the sale and purchase of apartments, residential projects, and general contracting, we began translating the dream into reality, proving once again that humble beginnings do not impose restrictions on the size of the achievements that can be achieved.

At Dashti, we have succeeded in forming a team of the most qualified and highly skilled specialists from within and outside the Kurdistan Region, and we have also been able to develop strong partnerships with senior consultants and leading companies around the world. By employing these competencies and skills together, we strive to enhance the level of customer experience within the attractive and luxurious facilities that we will offer, starting from the Kurdistan Region and the region, and reaching the whole world in the coming stages.

Who are we?

The Dashti Nafie Muhammad Company for the sale and purchase of real estate and general contracting, which was established in 2012 and gained preference and distinction among companies, with the testimony of investment companies and contracting companies in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, and the integrity of dealing with all and the trust of customers, as well as the institution was classified by the Central Tenders Committee to enter the field of government projects, and we have many contracts between the private sector and the government with the institution. Dashti Company has specialized in various contracting and trade works since its inception. Such as the buying and selling of real estate, construction and finishing work, all electrical and mechanical work, internet services, and other general contracting-related activities.

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